Zimra = Mohammed? Etymology.

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Zimra = Mohammed? Etymology.

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My general hypothesis about Christian origins is that Bazeus Monobazus of Adiabene was identified as the "Prophet Elchasai". Although in the West, post-Christian sects changed this historical incarnation of the blessed one back into a mythical figure, in the East there was a continuation of recognizing the historical Bazeus as the incarnation.

One version survives as Maren and Barmaren in Hatra. Of course, Barmaren is Izates (Isa). Helena of Adiabene is the Sophia figure.

I believe that Mohammed's Night in Jerusalem derives from the history or at least legend of Bazeus.

Bazeus very possibly might be the figure whom Josephus calls "Zamaris the Babylonian Jew" who governed the military colony in Batanea. Zamaris is the Greek form of "Zimra", obviously a pseudonym.

As far as I can tell, Zimra and Mohammed have the same meaning. Is this correct?

The conclusion, invoking Shi'a concepts, would be that Ali is Isa, but that proto-Islam included a form of Christianity that remembered the human father of Isa, "The Praiseworthy One". Which is consistent with my hypothesis that the historical basis for Jesus is better remembered in the East than in the West.
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