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Buddha Statue Found In Egypt Points To Ancient India Links

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2023 5:45 pm
by ABuddhist ... s-c382da8b

The find has "important indications over the presence of trade ties between Egypt and India during the Roman era", the head of Egypt's supreme antiquities council Mostafa al-Waziri said.

Re: Berenike

Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2023 6:11 pm
by billd89

Wiki says:
"Among the unexpected discoveries at Berenike were a range of ancient Indian goods, including the largest single concentration (7.55 kg) of black peppercorns ever recovered in the classical Mediterranean world (“imported from southern India” and found inside a large vessel made of Nile silt in a temple courtyard); substantial quantities of Indian-made fine ware and kitchen cooking ware and Indian style pottery; Indian-made sail cloth, basketry, matting, etc. from trash dumps; a large quantity of teak wood, black pepper, coconuts, beads made of precious and semi-precious stones, cameo blanks; “a Tamil Brahmi graffito mentioning Korra, a South Indian chieftain”; evidence that “inhabitants from Tamil South India (which then included most of Kerala) were living in Berenike, at least in the early Roman period”; evidence that the Tamil population implied the probable presence of Buddhist worshippers; evidence of Indians at another Roman port 300 km north of Berenike; Indian-made ceramics on the Nile road; a rock inscription mentioning an Indian passing through en route; “abundant evidence for the use of ships built and rigged in India”; and proof “that teak wood (endemic to South India), found in buildings in Berenike, had clearly been reused” (from dismantled ships)."[22]



Re: Buddha Statue Found In Egypt Points To Ancient India Links

Posted: Wed May 10, 2023 11:50 am
by Kunigunde Kreuzerin
Hermann Detering ("Traces of Indian Philosophy in Basilides") would have been extremely happy about that