Origen added 1 Maccabees to a List of Jewish Biblical Books (though as an 'external book')

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Origen added 1 Maccabees to a List of Jewish Biblical Books (though as an 'external book')

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Origen provid[ed] a list of the Biblical books of the Jews, with their Hebrew names,31 and add[ed] 1 Maccabees as an “external book”,32 with a Hebrew subtitle to be translated, “Book of the dynasty of the rebels to God”, referring to the first Hasmoneans.33 That Origen knew of the Rabbinic view has been confirmed by an inscription.34

31 Quoted by Eusebius, Church History 6.25.2; the traditional Hebrew names are transcribed: βερεσιθ, σεμωθ, etc.
32 Like the חיצונים ספרים prohibited (or strongly advised against) by m.Sanhedrin 11:1.
33 The transcription given by Eusebius is σαρβηθσαρβανεελ, which can be deciphered as ספר אל סרבני בית ;this has to be understood negatively “against God” (see j.Taanit 4:5, 68d).
34 See Michael Avi-Yonah, “The Caesarean Inscription of the 24 Priestly Courses”, Eretz Israel 7 (1964), pp. 24-28, who shows that the addition of מרום מסרבי” refusing the Most High” to the name Yoyarib, i. e. Mattathias’ priestly course, is very derogatory, although it is the first of these courses (see 1 Chron 24:7). According to t.Taanit 2:1, Yoyarib’s course has been moved away from servicing.

https://jewish-faculty.biu.ac.il/files/ ... /nodet.pdf

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