Carabas means shipowner, ship owner ⟹ Marcion = Barabbas ?

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Carabas means shipowner, ship owner ⟹ Marcion = Barabbas ?

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It has been argued that 'Carabas' (the crazy Alexandrine described by Philo in Against Flaccum) would mean: "shipowner".

My memory goes immediately to Marcion.

Now, it has been also argued that 'Barabbas', even if it means 'Son of (Unknown) Father' (logical allusion to the Alien God of Marcion), is based also on the philonic Carabas.

So Barabbas is not only the caustic parody of the Marcion's Jesus, but also, via Carabas, the caustic parody of Marcion himself: the only shipowner known in the Christian tradition (well: apart Peter in a later tradition).
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