The Marcionite Rejection of Christ

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Re: The Marcionite Rejection of Christ

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Peter Kirby wrote: Mon Feb 12, 2024 11:37 am
davidmartin wrote: Mon Feb 12, 2024 11:10 am the epistles & pastorals of the NT argue Jesus wasn't the Messiah quite convincingly
What do you mean?
I can't answer in full Peter atm, but one thing is the emphasis on the faith of Abraham and the promise made to him. They point back to before the law was given and Christ is like a type of new Abrahamic promise superior to the Messianic one it could seem. This explains the lack of classic Messianic prophecy quotes. I do think there's a genuine prior Messianic belief in the offing somewhere that the gospels tell of and the other text. I suppose the odd thing is the very late part of Jesus's life featuring in the epistles and the very early part of Isrealite history emphasising faith before the law was given. I sort of noticed there's 2 extremes there. Unfortunately I can't figure out what to make of it as usual
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