And Then There is the Whole Christ = God Thing ...

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And Then There is the Whole Christ = God Thing ...

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I know Christians (my wife) use "Christ" like it means "God" somehow. But this is surely another nuance that is better suited for Chrestos. Philo calls his merciful god "Chrestos." Surely the Jews did not conceive of THE Messiah as God. This is another problem with this monolithic "Christ is right, Chrestos is wrong" mindset. Jews understood THE Christ to be fully human.
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Re: And Then There is the Whole Christ = God Thing ...

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Perhaps, but there are layers of complexity here. Many of the difficulties begin with the Jewish scriptures themselves, which have dozens of names for God because the God of the scriptures is an amalgam of different Semitic gods.

Of course "God" is referred to as God, The Highest God, the Lord, etc. in the LXX, and with even greater variety in Hebrew. And in the earlier Semitic religion, or course, Yahweh was son of El, the Highest God. This relationship between El the Father and Yahweh the son persists throughout the scriptures, even though one isn't supposed to recognize it.

Stories are somewhat transparently converted to identify God speaking to the Lord who in turn acts though "the angel of the Lord", which is just a euphemism for Yahweh himself in the earlier story.

So there was certainly an existing conflagration between God and Lord, in which it was indeed the case that God was El the Father and Lord was Yahweh his son. Then we have the concept of the Lord becoming incarnate and taking action on earth, like when the Lord fights for the Israelites. This is sometimes depicted in the scriptures as taking place through the angel of the Lord.
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