Structural Delineations

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Structural Delineations

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Nomina Sacra of early Christianity are not necessarily just abbreviations of names, they are seen as structures as well, structures as seen overhead within Herod's Temple Sanctuary, structures of which in turn depict Christian doctrine.

Nomina Sacra are identified by an overline signifying that the content beneath is readable in a synergistic way. As with numismatics, such as Roman coinage during the era of early Christianity, the overline above the exergue signifies that the content of the exergue is readable synergistically as abbreviations, as letter numerals, or of more importance, as etchings with delineations relevant to the subject of the coin.

During the early Christian era an overline would impart to surveyors unknowingly reading Christian sacred names ('Nomina Sacra'), that the characters underneath the overlines are readable synergistically as abbreviations, numerals, or as structural delineations pertaining to the letters.

In turn, during the early Christian era, the overline would impart to surveyors knowingly reading Christian sacred names ('Nomina Sacra'), that the characters underneath an overline pertain to both abbreviated sacred names and to structures of Herod's Temple Sanctuary, with sacred names and structures both in turn applicable to Christian doctrine.

The Nomina Sacra letters pertain to abbreviations and structures.

Copyists are found to have copied the earliest Nomina Sacra of Greek characters arbitrarily, as the original structures or with different structures but matching the doctrine, or with changed structures not matching doctrine, because in lacking the knowledge that the letters are also structures, they apply Nomina Sacra only in the sense of reading letters. They also adopted additional Nomina Sacra.
Translators later, as they saw fit, adapted Nomina Sacra to other languages such as for Slavonic, Armenian, Latin and Coptic.
Christian manuscripts that systematically recognize and address grammatically the theological context of both the sacred name abbreviations and of the hieratic-like structures of the Nomina Sacra, can be understood as apostolic.

The remit for the forum would be to find in early Christian manuscripts Nomina Sacra that show a systematic Christian theology in concordance with grammar applied to both the abbreviations and structures, with the understanding of finding which manuscripts are canonical and therewith apostolic, if you will.
We will stick to the four most common early Nomina Sacra if we are to envisage a reliable heuristic study into which manuscripts in relation to the above are found to be apostolic in nature.

Nomina Sacra Examination

Nomina Sacra Exemplar:
iota eta NS.png
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is often recognized as the earliest Christian Nomina Sacrum.

IH is a suspended abbreviation in ancient greek characters of ΙΗΣΟΥΣ, the Greek transliteration of Yeshua in Hebrew.
I and H are structures of a gate for the I iota and a doorway and a gate for eta, as were seen from the upper footways of Herod's Temple Sanctuary of Jerusalem.
The gate has four doors, two leaves outwards and two leaves inwards forming K when the two outer doors are opened and a X with the inner doors opened as well.

Sanctuary doorway  .png
Sanctuary doorway .png (707 Bytes) Viewed 118 times

Holy of Holies←Sanctuary← Gate and Doorway ← Porch

Scriptural References to Nomina Sacrum of Name, Gate, Way and Temple:

Barnabas:' The temple of the Lord shall be gloriously built in the name of the Lord...he..opens to us...the gate of our temple'. Barnabas earlier mentions that: 'I and H and these denote Jesus.'
Hermas: Similitude IX ' no other way of entering the kingdom of God but by the name of his Son...the gate is the Son of God, who is the only way of coming to God'
Christian Sybyllines: Christ the holy...shall adjudge...the gate of life.

The gate of the Temple Sanctuary represents Yeshua the Messiah.
The Holy Place or Temple Sanctuary represents the Kingdom of God.

Four Most Common Early Nomina Sacra:
Nomina Sacra List with Structures.png
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Contracted Abbreviations, Nominative Case:

IΣ abbreviation of ΙΗΣΟΥΣ JESUS
KΣ abbreviation of KYΡΙΟΣ LORD
XΣ abbreviation of ΧΡΙΣΤΌΣ CHRIST
ΘΣ abbreviation of ΘEOΣ GOD

IΣ structures of gate; doors, the way
KΣ structures of gate and doors; doors, the way
XΣ structures of doors; doors, the way
ΘΣ structures of sanctuary; doors, the way

Contracted Abbreviations, Genitive Case:

IY abbreviation of IΗΣΟΥ Jesus
KY abbreviation of ΚΥΡΙΟΥ Lord
XY abbreviation of ΧΡΙΣΤΟΥ Christ
ΘY abbreviation of ΘΕΟΥ God

IY structure of gate; the door, the way
KY structures of gate and doors; the door, the way
XY structures of doors; the door, the way
ΘY structures of sanctuary; the door, the way

Θ with Y are in the abstract

Nomina Sacra are applied in the genitive case in relation to both abbreviations and structures being in grammatical textual concordance with Christian doctrine.

Nomina Sacra have an overbar above capital characters, and as so are recognized as pertaining to sacred name abbreviations and structures; i.e. for example, these are not Nomina Sacra: ΙΗ, ιη, ι̅η̅, ι̅ς̅, where they are not signified as Nomina Sacra and are not replicas of the original characters and structures.

Four Most Common Nomina Sacra Structure Pictograms:

As the Sanctuary is in the west of Herod's Temple in Jerusalem and the Messiah is to come from the east, the pictograms are read from right to left.

Θ X K I = God Christ Lord Jesus

Σ = The Way

Θ ← X ← K ← I ←

Sanctuary ← Doors ← Gate and Outer Doors ← Gate

The priest unlocks the outer doors of the Sanctuary, goes through the side chamber, and opens the inner doors of the Sanctuary.
The four doors are secured with posts, totalling five with the centre post.
The doors at squared cross angles allows passage and a space for those entering and leaving without mingling, to keep with Sanctuary cleanliness rites.

The Sanctuary The Way

Θ is in the abstract Σ is in the abstract

The Way to the Kingdom of God is through The Door, Jesus Christ.


Saint John 10: 'I am the door of the sheep. I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.'
Discourse by Demetrius. Miscellaneous Coptic Texts; Page 659: 'The time has arrived to go down to seek after the sheep who have gone astray to take good heed to Adam and open the door to Paradise'

Isaiah 45:1, 'Two leaved gates'; 21, 'No God else beside me; a just God and a Saviour, none beside me.'

Ignatius to the Philadelphians Chapter 2:23: 'He is the door of the Father; by which Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, enter in; as well as the Apostles, and the church.' ... ew=theater

The Jewish War VI: the doors of the sanctuary were set on fire: ' of those who had gone in...that man pushed a firebrand into the hinges of the gate.' The hinges are in the middle.

Coverdale Bible: 1 Kings 6:31: And at the intraunce of the quere he made two dores of olyue thre with fyue squared postes, and caused carued worke to be made therof with Cherubins, palme trees and floures.

The Temple Scroll XLV: the priests were to: 'enter on the left... and leave on the right. One shall arrive and the other leave on the eighth day' 'There shall be no mingling there'

Sanctuary Area: ... .1?lang=bi

Sanctuary Doors: ... 04600l.jpg


Crosses on 'Jewish' ossuaries scratched with a nail have been documented on a large number of ossuary decorations often near the lid. The obvious reading is that the Christians belonging to the ossuaries pray in hope that Yeshua the Messiah will through his crucifixion redeem them, and in mercy allow them to enter by him the Door into Paradise above, the Kingdom of God.
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Temple Sanctuary Structure Depiction

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Early Christians were known as followers of The Way, because in that era the temple sanctuary physical structure depicted in spiritual terms that they were enabled to enter Paradise by Yeshua the Messiah, known as The Gate, or The Door.

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