Guide to the new BB tags you can use to improve your posting

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Guide to the new BB tags you can use to improve your posting

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There are a number of new tags available to enhance your postings on the forum. Just look at the extra buttons when you are editing your post. Along with the buttons above the text box (from "B" and "i" to "Font color"), there are now several buttons that supply tags for various new edit options.

  • BB tagSignificance
    hrhorizontal rule (a horizontal dividing line)
    centercenter text in your post
    box=put text in a box (specifying background color)
    hi=highlight text with a specified color
    prepreformat text
    smark text with strikethrough text
    subuse subscript
    superuse superscript
    wikiinclude Wiki article links by name
    youtubeinsert youtube videos into your post
    charinsert special characters into your text
    tableinsert tables into your text
    font=use a specified font in your post

(For illustration purposes, I'll use "||" in this post where the edit box requires "[]".)

● Horizontal rule
The first BB tag to note is the horizontal line, |hr||/hr|. This is good for separating sections of your text. There should be nothing between the opening and closing tags. It looks like this:

● Center
Next, you can now center text in your post with |center||/center| tags:
Centered text

● Box
You can put a box around a passage in your post with |box=||/box| tags:

The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Here the background color of the box is #FCFAF4 (box=#FCFAF4). You can specify any color you like. If in doubt, just use specify hi=white and the box will have a white background. (See section toward the end on color.)

NB: this does not work properly around text within a passage.

● Highlight (hi=)
You can now highlight a sub-passage using |hi=||/hi| to bring attention to a specific section of text. All you have to do is supply the highlight color.
I want you to take notice of the following because I think that you will find it important. Others may not.
Highlighting should use a light color for ease of reading. Here are a few names: Cornsilk, Lavender, Thistle, Linen, Beige, Honeydew, OldLace. You can also use dark highlights with light text. (See section toward the end on color.)

● Preformatting
You can now preformat text with |pre||/pre| tags. It uses a fixed width font. This allows you to layout your text exactly as you want.
Buffalo Bill ’s
          who used to
          ride a watersmooth-silver
and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat

he was a handsome man
                        and what i want to know is
how do you like your blueeyed boy
Mister Death

- ee cummings
x	one	two	three	four
uno	1	2	3	4
dos	2	4	6	8
tres	3	6	9	12
quattro	4	8	12	16

● Strikethrough
You can now do strikethrough with |s||/s| tags:
I've changed my mind

● superscript and subscript
You can now have superscript |super| and subscript |sub|:
H2O and e = mc2

● Wiki
You are able to embed Wiki links by naming the article between the |wiki||/wiki| tags:

● Youtube
And you can embed Youtube videos with the |youtube||/youtube| tags:

To post a YouTube video you'll need the code at the end of the video URL. The URL for this video is: and the code comes after "watch?v=". In this case X3TG5qqCAKo and that's all you need to include the video using these tags: |youtube]X3TG5qqCAKo[/youtube|

● Special characters
Here are some of the characters you can use in your postings now that there is a new char tag available in the edit box. The code necessary precedes the character, sometimes a hash (#) plus a number, sometimes letters. As with any characters you can change their color and their size. (And note that I have changed the size of some characters, as indicated below, because they would otherwise be too small to be clear.)

• Arrows:

  • #8680 ⇨ #8658 ⇒ rarr → #8679 ⇧ #8657 ⇑ uarr ↑ larr ← #8656 ⇐ #8678 ⇦ darr ↓ #8659 ⇓ #8681 ⇩

• Directions:

  • #9650 ▲ #9658 ► #9660 ▼ #9668 ◄

• Suits:

  • #9824 ♠ #9827 ♣ #9829 ♥ #9830 ♦ (character size=150)

• Dots:

  • middot · bull • #9679 ● #3664 ๐ #9642 ▪ #9632 ■ #9670 ◆ #9671 ◇ #9673 ◉

• Trade:

  • trade ™ copy © reg ®

• Math:

  • #177 ± ne ≠ not ¬ infin ∞ deg ° radic √ ne ≠ equiv ≡ #8756 ∴

• Fractions:

  • #188 ¼ #189 ½ #190 ¾
    #8531 ⅓ #8532 ⅔

• Edit:

  • ndash – mdash —

    sect § para ¶ dagger † Dagger ‡ (note the capital D)

    #9745 ☑ #9746 ☒ (character size=150)

• Miscellaneous:

  • #9737 ☉ #9788 ☼ #9733 ★ #9790 ☾ #9789 ☽

    #9792 ♀ #9794 ♂ (character size=150)

• Fence:
  • ╞═══╪═══╪═══╡

    #9566 ╞ #9552 ═ #9578 ╪ #9569 ╡ #9568 ╠ #9580 ╬ #9571 ╣

  • euro € pound £ yen ¥ cent ¢

There is a truckload of other characters, many of which you can find here.

(Don't forget, for illustration purposes, I'm using "||" in this post where the edit box requires "[]".)
● Tables
There are now codes so you can now build tables on the forum.

Tables are indicated with codes that show this: |table||/table|. Between then you have table rows |tr||/tr| and rows contain cells (=table data) |td||/td|.

A table with four cells (2 x 2) might look like this:


or if you prefer:


Which creates a table like this:


• Only one more thing to know about tables: you can color the background of any cell, simply by using |td=color| instead of |td|. (See the next section for ideas about colors.)


Here is a table with seven rows, each with six cells.
  • Greek noun declensions:

1st sng. M.η γνωμητης γνωμηςτη γνωμητην γνωμηνthe thought
1st pl.αι γνωμαιτων γνωμωνταις γνωμαιςτας γνωμαςthe thoughts
2nd sng. F.ο πονοςτου πονουτω πονωτον πονονthe toil
2nd pl.οι πονοιτων πονωντοις πονοιςτους πονουςthe toils
3rd sng. N.το μετροντου μετρουτω μετρωτον μετρονthe measure
3rd pl.τα μετρατων μετρωντοις μετροιςτα μετραthe measures

• Make sure that your table has the same number of cells in each row. Otherwise the table will be defective.

NB: you cannot place a table inside another table.

● Colors
Here are the basic colors available for use in a browser:

Red #FF0000 DarkRed #800000
Green #00FF00 DarkGreen #008000
Blue #0000FF DarkBlue #000080
Yellow #FFFF00 Olive #808000
Cyan #00FFFF Teal #008080
Fuchsia #FF00FF Purple #800080

You can use the name or the number in the above to specify the color, though many colors you can create have no specific names.

There are 170 named colors available to use. Here are a few more:


If you understand RGB component colors (Red Green Blue), you can describe the colors you want using hexadecimal numbers 00-FF for each component, where 00 is no color and FF is maximum color and the numbers in between get darker. #FF0000 is bright red. #00FF00 is bright green and #0000FF is bright blue. #000080 is dark blue. #008000 is dark green and #80000 is dark red. #FFFF00 is yellow, #00FFFF is cyan and #FF00FF is purple.


To find more colors, press the "Font colour" button and put the mouse over any color that interests you to see the RGB hexadecimal value.

For more details, see Web colors.

NB: If you use RGB color indications, don't forget the "#". It's easy to do!
● Fonts
You can now specify a font you'd like to use in your posts by using the "font=" tag and specifying the font you'd like to use after the "=".

Fonts available will ultimately depend on those fonts installed on the user's computer, but there are a number of fonts considered to be safe for all Windows and Mac computers. These are

Sans serifarialarial blackhelveticatrebuchet msverdana
Serifgeorgiapalatinotimes new roman  
Fixed widthcouriercourier new   
Decorativecomic sans msimpact   

You will need to use the font names as indicated above for a browser to recognize them. Don't use capitals.

As can be seen there are not great differences between certain fonts, especially at font sizes we use them on screen. Arial and helvetica look quite similar, though trebuchet ms and verdana are more rounded fonts.

You might use a different font for a heading or perhaps for a quoted passage. Too much variation of fonts will make it difficult for people to read what you post. So, by all means, be creative, but please think of your long-suffering reader and use different fonts for their benefit.
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