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Specific examples where Marcion's "alterations" are now accepted by the SBLGNT

Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2020 12:36 am
by toejam
I recall reading somewhere that there are several Marcionite verse-readings that Irenaeus & Tertullian complain had been the result of Marcion's editorial and redactive hand, however the current state of textual-criticism (as reflected in the SBLGNT) accepts the so-called Marcionite reading as the 'earliest attainable form'. In other words, there are places in which Irenaeus and/or Tertullian complain that "Marcion's text says x when it should read y!", yet today x has been sourced in a survived manuscript and is accepted as the more likely 'earlier' reading in the SBLGNT against y. I'm looking for the specific examples. I think I heard it in a Judith Lieu lecture, but I thought someone here might know the verses I'm referring to...