Closing Of Errancywiki And Merger With Messianic Apologetic

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Closing Of Errancywiki And Merger With Messianic Apologetic

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A few weeks ago I saw Mel Gibson's Jesus' movie (forgot the name), re-read The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ and meditated on the traditional moral authority of the Church (especially its handling of male children). For the first time I understood how a mythical story of Jesus suffering for a few hours on a stake thousands of years ago explained the reason for the historical fact of most of my innocent relatives being tortured and murdered over a 5 year period by Nazis from a Christian country in a Christian continent in modern times.

My good friend, Rabbi Singer, head of Outreach Judaism, had the exact same experience so we began to study JP Holding's website,, together while periodically rereading Isaiah Chapter 53 (but only the KJV version) and Steven Avery's Thread here convicting Cy Naticus of homotuliecuton by lying with Simonides posts here in light of the new information which this website provided us not to mention considered the significance of a unknown known undated 1st century dated provenanced unprovenanced textually accurate variant of GMark and avoiding all articles by Dr. Richard Carrier and Neal Godfree (except for the ones about Israel/Jews being falsely accused of everything the Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims surrounding them that they are trying to defend themselves from being actually guilty of,). It wasn't long before we found the truth that we were looking for, that if you start with the conclusion that Jesus Christ was the prophesied Jewish Messiah according to the Tanakh, than you will conclude that Jesus Christ was the prophesied Jewish Messiah according to the Tanakh. Hallelujah Amen (I also thought that maybe I was also wrong about the Palestinians and their supporters defining Palestinians solely in the context of criticizing Israel but a quick Google search revealed that is still the case - although I kind of remember a few years ago Gilad Atzmon saying that Palestinians have the best hummus).

Effective immediately ErrancyWiki will be closed and then merged with Messianic Apologetic as an evangelistic tool.

In Hymn, Joseph Elizabeth Wallack

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