Marcion and Thomas in all of Luke

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Re: Marcion and Thomas in all of Luke

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See, sometimes I just need a bit of time.
I just popped the question to BeDuhn, and it's a rather basic and straightforward one really:

The Patristics accused Marcion of excising material from Luke, even though we know that to be just a feeble accusation - but ... that leads to an interesting conclusion:

So if Luke has material that is unattested to in *Ev by the Patristics, shouldn't it just be restored "automatically"?

We must assume that they would have jumped all over it in an attempt to finally make their case, had they been so fortunate to indeed encounter Lukan material that had been "excised by Marcion".
So if they don't jump at material that is not attested, the only conclusion must be that it is present - or its absence is so embarrassing that they best draw no attention to it at all

So, in the link given earlier, consider the green material:


A fraction of it has been restored nonetheless, but I don't see why not all of it should be restored. Mind you, the green is not only Lukan material but it is also Thomasine, and a lot of it is part of Thomasine or Lukan material partially attested to already.
Take the first example, the prophet that we find in Luke, Mark and Matthew - and Thomas, of course. What are the odds that *Ev does not have it if everyone else has it?!
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