How much Mark is ebionite?

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How much Mark is ebionite?

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Reading Chris Albert Wells:

The trial in Mark addresses a man facing his judges, the Palace and Sanhedrin actors unmentioned. It recounted the immemorial political execution of the community prophet who complains: “God, why have you abandoned me ?” It obviously does not relate the execution of a Messiah, but of a man who will posthumously be accredited with the role. The events did not belong to the historical niche of the thirties, a later development, just as Pilate’s intervention and question ‘are you the king of the Jews,’ are clearly unrelated to the early situation.

...under the light of his strong argument about Pilate being introduced by proto-Catholics against Marcion, I see that essential to that argument is the basic premise that in the first gospel Jesus had to be portrayed not as a Messiah, but as a mere man.

In other terms, before the introduction of Pilate in the Gospel tradition, there was a gospel where Jesus was only a mere man, one who had to be vindicated by God only after his death on the cross.

Robert Sthal 'hated' the Markan priority because, according to him, it would have broken the continuity, more expected under the Mythicist paradigm, from God to Man. Hence he opted for Johannine priority.

Richard Carrier does a lot of efforts to prove that Jesus is divine in Mark, behind a veil of human appearance.

I am remembered that some French (even Catholic) scholars assumed that the original proto-Mark was without the Passion epilogue. The suspicion therefore increases, that it had a different Passion epilogue, one with only a sinedrite trial and not with a Roman trial.
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