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Evidence that Bar-Kokhba was really called Messiah

Posted: Sun Sep 19, 2021 2:52 am
by Giuseppe
It is known that in the prophecies which mark the imminence of the end of time, there is mention of the return of the Jews to Judea.

Now, following the revolt of 115-118, Lucius Qietus deported the Jews to Judea: Cyprus, Alexandria, Egypt and Cyrenaica were completely emptied of Jews, who were either killed, reduced to slavery or deported to Judea.

Some people saw this event as a prefiguration of the imminence of the end of time.

This is why Bar Kokhba managed to proclaim himself "messiah", i.e. Christ, and led a fight against the Romans which ended in a bloodbath of apocalyptic proportions.

Hence, please like the contrast:
  • The good Pilate, during his public apology of himself in Rome before the imperial court, had to mention necessarily the Samaritan false prophet by calling him probably CHRISTUS (the first time the word was heard in Rome).
  • 100 years after, Bar-Kokhba claimed to be the MESSIAH before his Jewish followers (the first time the word was referred in Judea to a Jew of Judea).