Asherah Pole at. al.

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Asherah Pole at. al.

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"Furthermore, Schroer (1987b) discusses some Late Bronze Age pendants from Ugarit and Minet el-Beida, which depict a stylized ‘twig goddess’. She is naked, and has a tree or branch carved beneath the navel or over the pubic area. On several plaques she wears a Hathor hairstyle. Similar plaques have been found in Palestine, and together with the Syrian ones probably represent Athirat/Asherah (although one must be cautious in identifying these depictions with any one goddess; cf. Winter 1983, pp. 192-9, and chapter 7). There is therefore little difficulty in admitting the fertility characteristics of both Athirat and Asherah, especially considering that in the ancient Near East the same attribute is often shared by more than one deity..."

From another Thread:
Charles Wilson wrote: Wed May 11, 2022 1:00 pm Mlinnsen --
mlinssen wrote: Wed May 11, 2022 7:50 am "(77d) Split a piece of wood, and I am there.
(77e) Lift up the stone, and you will find me there' "
There's a good book I don't currently have that explores "Asherah, Consort of El" and the development from Asherah goddess to Asherah Pole to small stick/totem just before the Israelites were carted off for 70 years.

So I read the above and I wonder if there might be a Semitic/Sumerian Thread going through that one that might have echoes of El - Asherah.
The idea is that this is an Artifact. "El - Asherah" and the Canaanite Pantheon are to be replaced with an "El-Type", similar to "El" in that El is everywhere and that even if you "split-the-wood", using the derivative totem as a representation of Asherah, you will find El and only El. No need for Asherah => Only El from here on out.

This ends up as "Immar-Yah" (or, following the History of "El-Yah" => "Immar-El"), the "Lamb of God", from whom everything is created.

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