Messianic Signs

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Messianic Signs

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Gospel accounts of phenomena were — as the case may be — not miracles, but deeds accomplished through natural processes.

The phenomena as such were demonstrations of forces of nature, powers of which are to be borne out in discoveries by later generations.

The given criteria is in line with the messiah being omniscient, for possessing all knowledge is a virtue of the Son of God and consequently a prerequisite messianic tenet of sect doctrine.

A failure of virtue or an iniquity† found on the part of Jesus the Christ, and the Christian sect would have disintegrated — of which the Christian historian Josephus grasped by recognizing that the first generations of Christians had no such qualms.
†Polycarp to Philippians, Chapter 3:5: ‹Jesus Christ... who did no sin›.

As the case may be, the phenomena also archived in early Christianity specifically used technologies beyond the means of our society at the time of their recordings — higher forces of nature were put into operation.

Such a case is recounted in Acts Two where balls of light entered the upper room and fell upon the apostles of whom while being altogether unlearned, they instantly became learned in the languages and doctrinal knowledge required for the thriving of the Christian sect.

Granted that a real event was recorded by truthful witnesses, what occurred was either done by supernatural means or by technological means.
Instead of supernatural means, alternatively technology was ordained by Yeshua to be incorporated into certain events of early Christianity — that is, higher powers were utilized by Jesus to act as signs for those of later times to observe.

Jesus Christ in scripture had all power and only needed a word to install knowledge into his apostles, yet before the Acts 2 event he instead told them, ' to tarry in Jerusalem, until you be endued with power from on high'; and 'you shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you; and you shall be witnesses in Jerusalem,... and unto the uttermost part of the earth.'

Therefore it can be apprised that the Christ oversaw feats that utilized knowledge both of nature and of higher powers, forces that when discovered by later generations, are signs of his messiahship.
Therewith Acts 2 is a recounting of a technological feat under the direction of the Holy Ghost — there was no direct miracle.

Gospel miracle accounts of pillars of light, balls of light, clouds of light; fractal increase and change of matter, elements and cells; sound resonance activation of elements and cells; trans medium travel — all these when observed and heralded as technologies — will overturn arguments for mythology or supernaturalism, according to the relevant events.

Such specific events of course would convince those of whom the supernatural is non-existent, to have recourse in the observable science as these technologies are realized.

As the phenomena have been accommodated into gospel accounts, they are Messianic signs.


Properties of Messianism

Thanksgiving Psalms, Qumran Scrolls 1Q, ‹All things are graven before you with a pen of remembrance, for all times, in their seasons of the years of eternity. From you nothing is absent or obscure›; Acts of John, ‹Jesus...did understand the whole›; Questions of Bartholomew, ‹established the greatness of the heavens by a word... shaped matter that was in confusion... are the fear of those on earth... who settled the earth and did not suffer it to perish... you who are yourself the full word of the Father in whom all things came to be›.

The Messiah has a panoptic understanding and knowledge of all nature making him lord over great mysteries, and it is not a great task for him to drive away bodily diseases and sicknesses only by a word, yet to exhibit his power and knowledge he can employ nature at will¹.

¹Acts of John.

Certain miracles are for Messianic signs demonstrating knowledge of scientific wonders of the natural world.
For otherwise, all his deeds would have been done by word.
Acts of Peter: ‹he was at work in the world performing signs and wonders›; Doctrine of Addai, ‹converted by force of signs›.

The signs and wonders can be tried by harmonizing them with incipient discoveries in the natural world of your day.

To demonstrate his knowledge of nature, Jesus Christ during his appearance here chose particular corporeal methods of performing miracles, so that when following generations substantiate that his past corporeal methods comport with future scientific rigor, his testament might prevail upon observers.
Acts of John, ‹I held firmly this one thing in my mind, that the Lord contrived all things symbolically and as a dispensation towards men, for their conversion and salvation›
Acts of Andrew, ‹The Lord: "If you desire a life not subject to evolution, I am it"›

Properties of Nature

As the case presents itself, discoveries of science reveal processes of the natural phenomena of gospel accounts.

Activation of mRNA

Activation of exosomes

Activation of biome

Activation of cells



Properties of Supernature

The Holy Ghost is illustrated in Christian literature as being active when circumstances dictate for outright phenomena, ‹brought by the Holy Ghost; "I will send you the Holy Ghost"; they received the Holy Ghost; "receive the gift of the Holy Ghost"›.

Light activity

Elements activity

Higher powers activity


Soul activity



Endorsements of Academia

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