Keturah & Atlantis

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Keturah & Atlantis

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Josephus Antiquities of the Jews 1.238
ABRAHAM after this married Keturah, by whom six sons were born to him, men of courage, and of sagacious minds: Zambran, and Jazar, and Madan, and Madian, and Josabak, and Sous. Now the sons of Sous were Sabathan and Dadan. The sons of Dadan were Latusim, and Assur,

It is related of this Ophren, that he made war against Libya, and took it, and that his grandchildren, when they inhabited it, called it (from his name) Africa.

Cleodemus the prophet
born to Abraham by Keturah: nay, he names three of them, Apher, and Surim, and Japhran. That from Surim was the land of Assyria denominated; and that from the other two (Apher and Japbran) the country of Africa took its name, because these men were auxiliaries to Hercules, when he fought against Libya and Antaeus; and that Hercules married Aphra's daughter, and of her he begat a son, Diodorus; and that Sophon was his son, from whom that barbarous people called Sophacians were denominated."

According to Josephus, Africa gets his name from Epher, son of Midian, son of Keturah. This is not Africa (the continent) but the country. of Carthage.

But the Romans received the name Africa from the Carthaginians as designating their country. In fact rendering the name Africa in Phoenician would be ברק, minus the vowels and Latin F and C interchange with ב and ק thus Africa = Barca. Thus Josephus is trying to imply that the Carthaginians are descendants of Keturah & Abraham.

Josephus mention of Sophon resembles Syphax a king of the ancient Numidian and Sophonisba, a Carthaginian noblewoman who lived during the Second Punic War, and the daughter of Hasdrubal Gisco.

"Numidian" and "Midian" are similar.
מדין/μεσημβρινός belonging to the noon-tide, southern

The country of Carthage was also known as Atarantes that the Greeks call
Atlantes from the name Atlas. Atar resembles קטר and ק sometimes exchanges with א. Thus אטר < קטר > Αταρ > Ατρα > Άτλα and the verb הקטיר is the homologue of θυμιάζω = θυμιάω; to burn so as to produce smoke, burn.
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Re: Keturah & Atlantis

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Hoeh's Compendium of History also mentions
Ephah & Epher (Bible) or Ephas & Ophren/Africa (Josephus) or Afer/Apher & Japhran (Polyhistor) or Apher & Japbran/Africa/Aphra (Cleodemus) or Hesperus & Atlas/Italus (Spanish) 2 generals/captains/auxiliaries of Hercules when he fought against Libya & Antaeus.

I doubt the reliability of Josephus' match of the biblical and Classical persons.
Hercules & Apher & Japbran vs Libya & Antaeus is similar to Athens vs Atlantis, but Atlantis matches Libya/Antaeus not Hercules and Athens matches Hercules not Libya/Antaeus. (Though Atlantis is also linked with the Pillars of Hercules.)
The Atlanteans and Sea Peoples were in Libya.
Tiahuanaco matches Atlantis capital city, and Antaeus possibly resembles the Andes.
Hercules vs Antaios/Antaeus has been related to Shu vs Antwey (Anti/Anty/Nemty?) Shu is equated sometimes with Hercules, though sometimes with Atlas.

Japhran does resemble Yafran in nw Libya.
Apher/Africa perhaps resembles Avaris of the Hyksos.
Names similar to Africa in the bible include Havilah, Ophir.
There is a Berber goddess Afrika though (and a god Ifru).
Some suggest its from Arabic 'afar "earth, dust", or Berber ifir "cave", or Latin aprica/apricity "sunny" or Greek aprike "free from cold", or africus "south wind" or "rainy wind", or Phoenician ... "ear of corn", or Phoenician pharikia "land of fruit", or Phoenician faraqa "separation, disapora", or Indian apara "after, west".
There is a Berber tribe named Afarik or Aourigha.
Af-Ra was an Egyptian god.

Numidian can't match Midian because the -ian in Numidian is a added suffix and not part of the root. Numidia is said to be source of Nomad.

The Atarantes could be Atlantean colonists but Atlantis can't be in north Africa because it conflicts with a number of details in the Atlantis Account & some other secondary Atlantis sources like Diodorus Siculus. Also Atlantis was only the Greek translation synonym of Egyptian translation syonym of Atlantean name so Atlantis might not have any actual match for the name Atlas/Atlantis. The Atlas mountains in farthest north-west Africa are analogous to the Andes in western South America.

See these threads for candidates for Atlantis in the bible: ... rdseen#new
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