New Iron Age Temple Discovered Near Jerusalem, zoom

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New Iron Age Temple Discovered Near Jerusalem, zoom

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A New Iron Age Temple Discovered Near Jerusalem and its Implications
for our Understanding of the Development of Cult and Religion in Judah

University of Southampton, Avenue Campus, Lecture Theatre B, Highfield
Road, Southampton, Hamps. SO17 1BF

March 6 time: 18:00 [GMT?]
This will be a hybrid event – for registration and lecture information
click on this link ... SyAYh3agz5$

The accidental discovery of a temple from the Biblical period, about 7
km from the temple in Jerusalem, led to a large excavation project,
unique of its kind, in which the temple was excavated in a careful and
methodical manner, and to the first exposure of the conduct of worship
in Judah throughout the various stages of the First Temple Period.

In the lecture, Professor Lipschits will present the findings of the
excavations and will discuss the implications of these findings on the
development of religion and cult in Judah from the beginning of the
kingdom to the Babylonian destruction and the Persian Period, as well
as on the Kingdom of Judah's formation processes throughout this

Oded Lipschits is Professor of Jewish History in the Department of
Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures and Director of the
Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv
University. He directed the Ramat Rahel Archaeological Project from
2004–2010, and is currently director of the Lautenschlaeger
Excavations at Asekah and excavations in the temple of Tel Moza. He
was awarded the prestigious EMET Prize for the field of Archaeology in
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Re: New Iron Age Temple Discovered Near Jerusalem, zoom

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Nice! This is of course about Oded Lipschitz and fellow-archaeologist Shua Kisilevitz's announced 2020 discoveries at Tell Motza.

Here's another link (which works): ... 8521731727

See also a summary of their discoveries at ... dah-temple.
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