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Isaiah 51:1— Hearken to me, ye that follow (רדפי) after righteousness, ye that seek (מבקשי) the Lord.

The verb רדף is closer to Lt. prosequor and persequor then διώκω.

The verb בשק is a compound from ἐπιζητέω confirmed with the spanish words buscada, buscat and the component ζητεω is צדה.

צוד, צדה ζητεύω, ζητέω, ζατεύω 'seek for, hunt for'
מצדה ζητησιμος 'to be searched, places to be beaten for game.
מצדה ζήτημα 'that which is sought,
צידה ζητητός 'sought for
צדה σίτησις 'eating, feeding
מצודה ζητητήριον 'question chamber, instruments of torture

1Ch 16:11 — Seek (דרשו) the LORD and his strength, seek (בשקו) his face continually.

"seek" is translated twice in this verse from different Hebrew verbs, דרש and בשק. The Vulgar as quaerite for both and Sept as ζητήσατε for both too.

דרש ἐρωτάω, Ep. and Ion. εἰρωτάω (verb)
used in Att. to supply the defective tenses of ἔρομαι:—ask
ask about a thing, to ask a question
question a person, Passive; to be questioned
in Dialectic, opp. demonstration, question an opponent in order to refute him from his answers
later, = αἰτέω, beg, entreat, solicit

מדרש ἐρώτημα i.e Midrash
that which is asked, question
in Stoic terminology, a question requiring the answer 'Yes' or 'No
in Dialectic, question inviting an answer which may help to refute an opponent

תדרש ἐρώτησις
questioning, interrogation, proposition, matter submitted

בשק ἐπιζητέω
to seek after, wish for, miss, Lat. desiderare, seek for besides, request, desire.

דרשו ἐρωτήσατε
בקשו ἐπιζητήσατε
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