early Jerusalem inscription claimed

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Re: early Jerusalem inscription claimed

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Thank you. Doesn't change the fact it isn't mentioned in the Pentateuch and ALL important events occur in and around Gerizim. How 'Samaritanism' is the sect and 'Judaism' is the original religion/tradition is a joke. But thanks again.
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"The new inscription proves that Jerusalem was not only a fortified city but also a very important cultural and cultic center, where excellent scribes and sophisticated magicians managed to write this important monumental inscription, as well as hold voodoo ceremonies," Galil said.

{Gershon} Galil is also a professor in the Department of Jewish History and Biblical Studies at the University of Haifa.

Maybe he's just saying smthg for an English-speaking audience. But "voodou" is too far off, I think.

Much more detail at this article:
https://www.israel365news.com/271147/je ... iscovered/

Curses and cursing ceremonies are well known from the Egyptian execration texts written on pottery sherds or figurines from the Bronze Age (esp. the 20th-19th centuries BCE), which also mention the King of Jerusalem; as well as from magical ceremonies held against the Lamashtu in Mesopotamia. The Egyptian execration texts include references to enemy cities and kings in Canaan.

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Re: early Jerusalem inscription claimed

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**claimed**--let me emphasize that word from the OP subject line.
For a different view (which may be posted later at rollstonepigraphy.com):

https://zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.co ... uest-post/
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