Sodom & Gemorrah: Meteor Strike?

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Sodom & Gemorrah: Meteor Strike?

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It is worth speculating that a remarkable catastrophe, such as the destruction of Tall el-Hammam by a cosmic object, may have generated an oral tradition that, after being passed down through many generations, became the source of the written story of biblical Sodom in Genesis. The description in Genesis of the destruction of an urban center in the Dead Sea area is consistent with having been an eyewitness account of a cosmic airburst, e.g., (i) stones fell from the sky; (ii) fire came down from the sky; (iii) thick smoke rose from the fires; (iv) a major city was devastated; (v) city inhabitants were killed; and (vi) area crops were destroyed. If so, the destruction of Tall el-Hammam is possibly the second oldest known incident of impact-related destruction of a human settlement, after Abu Hureyra in Syria ~12,800 years ago.

The Apocalypse of Adam:
Then the god of the aeons will give them (some) of those who serve him [...]. They will come upon that land where the great men will be who have not been defiled, nor will be defiled, by any desire. For their soul did not come from a defiled hand, but it came from a great commandment of an eternal angel. Then fire and sulphur and asphalt will be cast upon those men, and fire and (blinding) mist will come over those aeons, and the eyes of the powers of the illuminators will be darkened, and the aeons will not see them in those days. And great clouds of light will descend, and other clouds of light will come down upon them from the great aeons.


It's not often I'd get a chance to link a BoingBoing article here: ... sodom.html

In a new scientific paper published in Nature titled, "A Tunguska sized airburst destroyed Tall el-Hammam a Middle Bronze Age city in the Jordan Valley near the Dead Sea," a group of two dozen scientists present the results of 15 years of research into the lost Middle Eastern city of Tall el-Hammam, presenting evidence that it was in fact destroyed by an asteroid some 3600 years ago or so:

The proposed airburst was larger than the 1908 explosion over Tunguska, Russia, where a ~ 50-m-wide bolide detonated with ~ 1000× more energy than the Hiroshima atomic bomb. A city-wide ~ 1.5-m-thick carbon-and-ash-rich destruction layer contains peak concentrations of shocked quartz (~ 5–10 GPa); melted pottery and mudbricks; diamond-like carbon; soot; Fe- and Si-rich spherules; CaCO3 spherules from melted plaster; and melted platinum, iridium, nickel, gold, silver, zircon, chromite, and quartz. Heating experiments indicate temperatures exceeded 2000 °C.

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Re: Sodom & Gemorrah: Meteor Strike?

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It doesn't match all the biblical details of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah:

- The dates don't match. Even if one accepts the conventional date 3600 bp/ya/yo ("1578-1650" bc) this is too late for Abraham who is ca 2000s bc in biblical chronology (215 + 430/"215" + 480 yrs before David of ca 1000s bc). And moreover the conventional dates are at least 2-3 centuries too long/old so the true date will be lower. (And conventional dating methods are usually too long/old not too short/low.)
Even if one accepted the late date of "1900s" for Abraham.
Middle Bronze Age is closer to destruction of Jericho.
No match for all history before MBA in biblical (squeezing in all Stone Age and EBA into short time between Flood and Abraham, unless one uses the Septuagint or one includes pre-Flood with only a local flood not global one).

- Hammam doesn't match "never again inhabited".

- No evidence for Hammam being called Sodom/Gomorrah/Admah/Zeboim in any records in the site or in other historical records elsewhere.

- Abraham looked towards Sodom from near Hebron/Mamre.

- Lot "went as far as Sodom", but/yet Hammam is pretty close to Bethel/Ai where he looked towards Hammam.

- Dead sea is also called Sodomitish sea which might imply Sodom was in the pre-sea valley/plain?

- Josephus' Somorrhon/Somorrha (Sodom and/or Gomorrah?) seems to be further south?

- Jericho is on the edge of the meteor blast, but Jericho is not mentioned in story of Sodom & Gomorrha. (Bible implies that whole plain/valley was in danger and 4 cities destroyed.) Sodom destruction and Jericho destruction are at least 215 + 430/"215" years apart in Biblical history.

- Meteor/air blast/burst doesn't necessarily overly-greatly match rained fire and brimstone from heaven(s). There is "no sulphur" at Hammam. Colavito says the claim that Hammam was destroyed by the blast is "disuptable".

- Where are the other 3 cities that where destroyed? (and where is Zoar that Lot fled too?)

- The area between Jericho and Hammam is too small to be the valley/plain/kikkar mentioned in Genesis. (And the area was not all like the garden of the lord and all destroyed and never again inhabited.)
The Jordan (valley/plain) would have extended further south before the Dead Sea became sea.

- Why is the whole Dead Sea and surrounds salty and sulphur etc?

- It is not certain that Lot actually saw Sodom from near Bethel/Ai. Lot went as far as Sodom. And even if he might have, we don't know how far one can/can't see (in 360 degrees).

- There are maybe reasons for thinking Sodom was lower down.

- People often say Wyatt's discoveries are supposedly frauds. Yet Wyatt was one of the people involved in investigating Hammam.

- There are other more interesting sites including Bab ed-Dhra, Numeira, Sedom/Usdum, Safi, Khanazir, etc.

- Stones coming from sky could match other biblical events like stones from sky in 'Joshua'.

- Doesn't match the meanings of the names as given at https://iwillnotbeassimilated.blogspot. ... cords.html .

- Hammam being said to be too large to not be mentioned in the bible is not proof it is Sodom. Hammam could be another site mentioned in the bible, or it might have been in the time when the Hebrews were in Egypt between Jacob and Moses, or the bible doesn't mention everything in world history.
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