Anileus and Asineus as Izates and Monobazus Simplified

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Anileus and Asineus as Izates and Monobazus Simplified

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Josephus reports that the rebellion of the brothers Anileus and Asineus is the cause of Jews being driven out of Babylon (meaning Seleucia/Ctesiphon, or rather, urban Babylon). He relates this final outcome as the entire reason for relating the saga.

Meanwhile, Izates becoming a Jewish zealot is the cause of his "grandees" (assumed Adiabene, but Josephus does not say that) revolting and sending the Arab "Abia" after him. I have already spoken of how I think Abia is almost certainly Sampsiceramus II of Emesa, and how Izate's domain is larger and the political situation more nuanced than history has yet to recognize.

Given that in all of history, there are only two mentions in this era of a grand uprising of Babylonians against Jews or the Jewish religion, and that both feature two brothers, is it too much to conclude that this might be the same story?


Note also Anileus and Asineus are "Sons of a Weaver" a craft their mother practiced. Note Mary and weaving of the temple curtains. Note Joseph the "Tekton" (Carpenter), and easy parallels with the meaning of that word with the "craft" with its veil rituals and metaphors.

To be less oblique, I tend to interpret the "true" Christian history through the lens of Joseph and Asenath in which the original divine family was deified Joseph and the embodied goddess of Syria (Queen of Heaven). Syrian and Babylonian religion through a Jewish lens, which may have enough Syrian origins of its own.

Thus, Monobazus the father of Izates and Monbazus would be our "Joseph" and Helena of Adiabene our "Asenath" or Mary. Note that Anileus and Asineus are good candidates for "Boanerges" (sons of tumult). These "Sons of Zebedee", their father a "fisherman". Note that Herod's family were the priestly line of Ashkelon, who worshipped Dea Syria and her son Ichthys. Complete with fish ponds, same as those "of Abraham" in Edessa.

Note the possible royal refuge of Adiabene: ... e-12655967

Complete with their sea goddess/Queen of Heaven.

As I have said, Zebedee = Zebedaios = Sabazios = Bazeus. Sabazeus being the Kurdish/Armenian equivalent to aforementioned heavenly "Joseph". Monobazus maybe have derived the name Bazeus from this, although not for Jewish reasons.

The cult of Sabazios being more consistent with handshakey fraternal "tekton" crafts, in that the figure is a stand in for the region's Kave (Noah/Hephesteus - tectonic) and precisely the same as Hiram Abiff via Ugaritic mythology.
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