"to Ishmael" inadequate provenance

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"to Ishmael" inadequate provenance

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According to Israel Antiquities Authority, a papyrus from late First Temple period
has been confirmed. But the provenance claimed is from an unnamed Montana woman in the 1960s by her unnamed son. A christianpost.com claims she dug "in excavations around Qumran." (Allegro? Steckoll?) And was given and/or bought the papyrus from Saad and/or Kando.
The only previously-known First Temple papyrus in paleo-Hebrew was from Murabba'at, about which see both Saad and Kando, DJD 2, pt. 1 Texte, p. 3ff.
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Re: "to Ishmael" inadequate provenance

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Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), beware, they don't call it Kandu's con for nothing.

BAR has a new rule about not commenting on unprovenanced objects.

This would be a good test case to see how this rule holds out now that the object is in the hands of the IAA.

I have no problem with those who come across ancient writings like the Dead Sea Scrolls from private dealers from the past (pre-1970), e.g. Halil Iskander Kandu.
But grave robbers selling to Kandu...I have a big problem.

https://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/dai ... w_papyrus/
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Re: "to Ishmael" provenance

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Different version of the story here:
https://phys.org/news/2022-09-israel-pa ... ntana.html
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