Academic Discussion: Forum Protocol (READ ME FIRST!)

Covering all topics of history and the interpretation of texts, posts here should conform to the norms of academic discussion: respectful and with a tight focus on the subject matter.

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Academic Discussion: Forum Protocol (READ ME FIRST!)

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Adapting the expression of netiquette expectations of academic e-lists (such as the former Synoptic-L and B-Greek, which used some of the very same wording for describing the expectations for use of the list):
  • Always re-read your own posts before submitting them.
  • Posts here must be respectful and maintain a tight focus on the subject matter.
  • While scholarly debate, including disagreement, is encouraged as a goal of this forum, attacks upon the character, intelligence, or faith of those participating are not acceptable. Criticism must focus upon the arguments of others; it may not be directed to the individual.
  • The topic of discussion should concern history, archaeology, related disciplines, and the interpretation of relevant texts.
  • Everything that applies to the rest of the board still applies here.
Posts may be moved to other forums as necessary to allow the posts here to reflect the above netiquette, which is explicitly raising the bar as compared to the rest of the "Biblical Criticism & History" board. If the full content of a post is not considered to be acceptable for any forum besides ~~Nowhere in Particular~~, the post will be moved there.

Notwithstanding all of the above, this forum is meant to be easy to use. And it will be for those who are looking for a polite, rational discussion and who are ready to bring the same to the table. When it is possible, try to give others the benefit of the doubt here that they are attempting to uphold the expectations of the forum, just as you try your best to adhere to the same standards.

If posts from a poster often need to be moved, that poster may lose permissions to post in Academic Discussion indefinitely. Those that often post about hypotheses in a way that would be considered less than academic in quality may also lose permissions to post in Academic Discussion indefinitely. However, individual posts are not screened for quality or citations.