Note: The Biblical Criticism Search Engine

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Note: The Biblical Criticism Search Engine

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Now you can search the greater Biblical Criticism Blogosphere, a carefully curated collection of websites, blogs, books, articles, and resources containing about 30 billion web pages indexed and searchable with a Google Custom Search Engine. The search prompt can be found here:

This Google-powered custom Internet search engine was created to sit alongside two very specific site search engines, powered by open source software and opening up the full archives of the Biblical Criticism & History forum from 2001 to today. The archives themselves are hosted at (the historical portion, indexed using Gigablast search technology) and at (the forum today, powered by phpBB).

I encourage you to play around with these tools! Who knows what pearls you might find?

Blog post here: ... ngine.html

Discussion forum thread here: ... f=3&t=1299
"... almost every critical biblical position was earlier advanced by skeptics." - Raymond Brown
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