"The Lord" and his "brother" named "James": Rereading the allegory of two sons

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Re: "The Lord" and his "brother" named "James": Rereading the allegory of two sons

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mlinssen wrote: Tue Jun 08, 2021 12:09 am I can imagine that many "Jacobs" rose, claiming to have been handed over the sceptre just like Thomas logion 12 says - perhaps it was even in Marcion.
In that way James / Jacob would be pursuing Jesus, and the net effect is a risen Jesus spotted by everyone and everything and claiming all kinds of inconvenient thingies!
So, just like Jesus got written into heaven just about the same day (l. ASAP), James must be silenced so the Church can speak in the name of Jesus and maintain chain of command

I think the "James the least / lesser" is an attempt at that by Mark. Given what I find in that verse, I'll post it in a new post
You have my attention. I'll look for your new post.

Have you considered how, if Paul's confrontation of Cephas was actually not so much against Cephas, but rather, redirecting blame toward "some from James", then when he says in Gal 2:16, "... all flesh will not be made just by works of the law" he may have been targeting James' idea of being made "just" by works of the law? The problem is that such a notion of being made "just" would not extend beyond ethnic Jewish "flesh" to "all flesh." By contrast, Paul's sense of call was toward "all"--"I have become all things to all so that by all possible means I might save some" (1 Cor 9:22).
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