Is Gerald Massey utter rubbish?

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Is Gerald Massey utter rubbish?

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I'm not sh*t-stirring, I'm genuinely perplexed. Is Massey credible or not? Posters here cite him - the internet is equally supportive - but my own review of a few of his 'erudite' definitions gives pause. They disintegrate on closer scrutiny. Is Massey a fabulist??

Specifically, I cannot confirm his iterations/definitions of Horus as "Har-Tema (Revealer of Justice)" and "Har Makheru/Har-Makhu (Word Made Truth)" .... DESPAIR. And wiki strongly suggests that today's Egyptologists consider his work "nonsensical." That's alarming.
Robert Tulip wrote: Tue Jan 27, 2015 6:44 amPerhaps one of the greatest analysts of comparative religion in the nineteenth century was Gerald Massey. His application of the method proposed by Hanges in this insightful quote from Neil Godfrey, exploring how “religions cannot be isolated from the historical, social, and environmental forces that shape all cultural forms”, led Massey to a comprehensive and largely compelling analysis of how Christian myth evolved from Egyptian myth.

For example, the close parallel Massey described between the trope Osiris-Horus-Isis-Nephthys and the trope Lazarus-Jesus-Mary-Martha is one of many that are at the basis of Tom Harpur’s analysis in The Pagan Christ, AB Kuhn’s Who Is This King of Glory?, and the works of Acharya S. This whole valuable comparative area of study languishes in obscurity because of the corrupt power of the church, which trades on mythical assumptions imbibed in Sunday School and internalised across the vestiges of Christendom, including with unconscious influence on pervasive academic beliefs
stephan happy huller wrote: Tue Feb 11, 2014 10:32 amJust having Massey make a claim, assume that Massey or some other old source is infallible and then develop a thesis is silly and useless. It's time for you people to stop avoiding the facts and admit none of this holds water.
stephan happy huller wrote: Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:22 pm No one takes Massey seriously any more except cranks.
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